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Random Download: Encrypt and Decrypt

18th January 2018

Product Code: 025 - Script

Written by resellscripts

Encrypt text using one of the methods below:

* ASCII to Binary
* Binary to ASCII
* ASCII to Hex
* Hex to ASCII
* Binary to Hex
* Hex to Binary
* Backwards
* Base 64 Encode
* Base 64 Decode
* Caesar Bruteforce
* DES Crypt (one way)
* HTML Entities Encode
* HTML Entities Decode
* l33t 5p34k 3nc0d3
* l33t 5p34k d3c0d3
* MD5 Crypt (one way)
* Igpay Atinlay
* Un-Pig Latin
* ROT-13
* URL Encode
* URL Deco…

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