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Hello MaryD,  

You know it as well as anyone else out there. The Internet is a hard place to make money. No doubt. But despite the trials and tribulations, you know that there are ways to make money. Ways that will work for you.

You might have tried affiliate marketing and decided that it was a fool's game and you were having no part in it. You might have tried trading Adword clicks for AdSense money and realized you were fighting hard to catch your own tail. You might even tried creating your own products, but the effort that it takes to create one of those makes them just not worth it…

So what's left? Where does this leave you?

Have you considered working in the lucrative Private Label Rights industry?

Private Label Rights, or PLR for short, is the fastest growing Internet niche and this is your chance to learn how to create your own PLR profit in just 7 short days.

Most Internet marketing experts will tell you that the quickest and best way to make money online is to sell unique products that can't be found anywhere else on the net. If you think that'll require months or even weeks of work, then you couldn't be more wrong. With PLR products, you can create your own unique product in just a couple of hours. Let me show you how…

Creating your own unique product with pre-existing PLR products is not an impossible dream. It is not unfeasible and it's something you can do right now. If only you knew how.

One of the greatest things about using PLR products to make money online is that there is a set formula that you can plug into. This formula works because almost all PLR products that you will find have the same exactly components. Once you know how to identify the components and use them to your advantage, you'll see the money roll right in.

Introducing “7 Days To PLR Profits” eBook …

Learn How To Make Money In Just 7 Days!

I have been using PLR products for a while now, but for most of that time, I wasn't making any money at all…

It all started when I accidentally get busted for selling forged eBooks. To my credit, I had no idea they were forged. I had read in dozens of eBooks that the easiest and quickest way to make money online was to find a product with an affiliate plan, sign up and then go out and sell it. So that's what I did.

I was getting fairly successful at it too, until my world came crashing down. Turns out that one of the products I was an affiliate for had ripped off their material. It had nothing to do with me, but once people found out that the product was created illegally, the owner packed up and vanished. To maintain my business, I had to refund people out of my own pocket.

As you might suspect, I wasn't really happy with this situation, but I figured that it was one of the drawbacks of working online.

It was only after this same exact thing happened to me again that I decided that the risks of affiliate marketing were too great for me to continue. Even though I was making more money than I was refunding, the headaches involved in selling other people's products just weren't worth it.

I knew that the only way I could continue to make money and solidify my business for the future was to sell my own products. I looked into creating them myself, but the amount of time and money it would cost me made that option unrealistic. The amount I needed to sell to break even was too high. I needed a different option.

I was started to hear about PLR products during that time and started exploring that option as a healthy alternative. I wasn't very familiar with the PLR industry prior, but I had been hearing good things about what was going on. I decided to try my luck with it and see where it got me.

From the onset, I was a little confused by the process. Every product had a different set of rules and different rights that explained what I was allowed to do with it. I wasn't scared off though, I knew that any new business came with its own guidelines and its only once I understood these new rules would I be able to exploit them.

I bought myself a dozen different PLR products and tried to make sense of what I had. I knew I could go out and sell them as if they were my own, but I was scared that if I did that I'd fall victim to the same type of scam I fell for already. I didn't want another hit to my reputation.

So I looked at the dozen or so PLR products I bought and chose what I thought was the most marketable of the bunch. I created new graphics for it, reformatted the salespage and started changing the content of the eBook itself.

I made sure I didn't work too long on changing the PLR product, I wanted to make sure the project would be worth my time. I also made sure that I kept a record of what I changed so I would be able to do it for the other projects as well.

I got the product ready, repackaged and let it fly. I started selling it and was hopeful that it would sell as well as my affiliate products did.

But it didn't. It didn't sell at all.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I made sure that this PLR product looked exactly like the affiliate ones I'd been selling so that no one would know that it was a PLR product. But it didn't work.

So I took another of the PLR products and tried again. Since I knew what I changed on the failed experiment, I changed different things this time around.

Again, I launched it and again it flopped.

I wouldn't be defeated though. I really wanted this PLR idea of mine to work and I knew if I kept at it, it would work. So I tried a third time, fourth time and even a fifth time.

I lost count of how many times I tried, but eventually I found something that worked.

I stuck with what worked and created more and more products based on the same formula. It was slow going and I made dozens of mistakes along the way, but in the end, I found a formula that worked every single time.

Now, you can take advantage of my hard work and skip directly to the end of the game. You can profit from the time and money I spent perfecting this system.

Once you buy 7 Days To PLR Profits, you will see how easy it really is to make money with PLR products.

What are you waiting for? See how 7 Days To PLR Profits can make you money today.

Here is Just Some of What You Will Learn by Reading

“7 Days To PLR Profits” eBook:

  • Create Your Very Own PLR Product!
  • Build A Step By Step Plan That Will Work In 7 Days!
  • Develop A Sales Funnel To Make Sure You Get Something Out Of Each Customer!
  • Drive The Traffic You Need To Make Your PLR Products Successful!
  • Understand The True Nature Of Keyword Research!
  • Setup Your Website So Profits Are Optimized!
  • And much, much more!


Put 100% Of The Profits Directly In Your Pocket!

One of things I always hated about selling affiliate products is that for all my hard work, I wasn't able to keep all of the money my customers were spending. I was convincing people to spend 50 bucks a pop and I would only see less than $20 of it.

When you sell PLR products, you'll be able to keep every single penny that your customers pay you. You'll receive their money instantaneously. You can then use that money however you'd like. You can buy yourself a pretty new toy or reinvest it in your business. You no longer have to wait for affiliate pay outs at the end of the month.

PLR products are a great foundation with which to grow your Internet business. The overhead is low, the effort needed to make a profit is reasonable and the time frame is quick. If you follow all the steps laid out in 7 Days To PLR Profits, you'll be able to have money in your PayPal account in literally a week. What other Internet product can guarantee that?

If you can't make a decent profit online, then 7 Days To PLR Profits is one product you can't afford to be without. Learn everything you need to know to start making money in 7 days.

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