Advertising Opportunities

Surfsupnet has created a banner exchange program so that various on our collaboration platform can share their visitors to increase the awareness of all of our sites.

The system uses a database (located on our systems) and works by tracking all of the clicks from every site. For it to work for you, you need to insert a small piece of code at an appropriate place on your website. We have a number of options open to you…

Displaying our banners

Display the banner on your site, without a banner of your own being in the system. This is the simplest way to do things, however the disadvantage is that you won't get any hits back from the network for it. To use this method, simply insert the following code into your site:

<iframe frameborder="0" height="90" scrolling="no" src="" width="728"></iframe>

Hit Balancing

Register with us and have your banner added to the database. We will of course visit your site and judge it for approval, but generally we will accept most every offer, assuming the site has at least a small amount of relevant content, is un-offensive and moderated. After submitting your site (and being accepted) you will be given the required code. After you recieve the code, add it somewhere in your site where people will see it. Please don't try to abuse the system by not adding the code on your site; as the system only gives you as many hits as you give to us.

We have the ability to change the regularity a banner is shown on the network. If you have been given a number of hits for any particular reason, you may choose to have them spread out over a long length of time, or for your banners to be shown all at once, giving you a sudden burst of visitors.

» Join our banner scheme

Point Store

If you have built up points on our site then you may use the Point Store to purchase a banner and hits for it.


Please contact us for our rate card for the display of your banners on our network.